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We set out to make a living and learned we could make a difference.  

Boston Dog Lawyers has handled over 4,000 calls in 7 years and our lawyers are in court three or more times per week and it's all about pets.  Gradually we are becoming a national legal resource for pets, pet owners and pet businesses. Our effort involves dusting off old caselaw and arguing for new interpretations that reflect our community's modern identification with our companion animals.  


Part of our goal is to live and work in a place where legal issues regarding pets will be addressed in a consistent, predictable, and modern manner under the law. 

Our website invites you to read, listen and watch to learn about what we do, how we do it and for whom. Contained here are more than 250 stories about the pets we have represented

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As a member of your family, your pet is loved and protected every single day. However, if your pet is suddenly on the wrong side of the law, you may need the help of dog lawyer.  Yes, dog lawyers do exist.  


At Boston Dog Lawyers we challenge courts, insurers, opposing lawyers and pet professionals to raise the legal status of pets to match how we all feel about them and how we invest in them.  Pets are big business and they and the people who own them deserve to have the laws protect them and compensate them.  That's what we fight for everyday through every case.


Our mission is to provide the effort and energy for your pets as though they were our own.  All staff members are required to be pet owners.  We rely on our courageous clients to work with us a part of the team to get to the finish line.  While we cannot control the outcome, our effort consistently positions us, and our clients, for success.  

We have amassed a team of experts including veterinarians, insurance adjusters, investigators, trainers, animal control officers, dog behaviorists and media members to go to battle for you and your pet.


Potential Clients Are Encouraged to Provide Their Information Below to Receive a Callback Within 24 Hours or Call Us Directly at 844-DOG-ATTY (844-364-2889).*

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*Advisory:  Your further communication with Boston Dog Lawyers  (BDL) indicates your express acknowledgment and informed consent that you should not provide any confidential information and if you do, this will not prohibit any lawyer at BDL from representing a different or opposing party in the matter.  You should limit the information provided at the intake stages to your contact information and the general nature of your concern.  Any claim that BDL is disqualified from representing an adverse party because information considered confidential was provided by the prospective client is expressly waived.  Any communications between BDL and the prospective client do not constitute legal advice and do not create a lawyer-client relationship.  The information provided on this website does not constitute legal advice and by contacting BDL you understand that no attorney-client relationship has been created nor will one be created until we have a mutually agreed-upon and fully executed written contract for legal services.



"If you’re looking for a high quality attorney who is also a kind and honest person, look no further than Boston Dog Lawyers. Attorney Cohen was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and committed to helping me with my case. More than that, attorney Cohen was incredibly empathetic and supportive throughout my entire time working with him. He helped me to feel empowered throughout the court process, and made me feel heard and validated. I had complete trust in him and his abilities. He helped me set realistic expectations about my case, but still explored every avenue to try and help me reach my desired outcome. I enthusiastically recommend working with Attorney Cohen and his team at Boston Dog Lawyers!" -Chelsea M.


Personal Injury Lawyer Dog Bite


A person or business harmed your pet and now there is something we can do about it.  We will hold them accountable for you through their wallets and through changes to their  policies and procedures.

Emotional Support Animals


We educate your landlords, management companies and condo boards about your right to have an emotional support animal.

Dog Bite Lawsuit Defense


We defend dog owners by digging into the facts and determining the true cause of the alleged dog bite, especially for uninsured dog owners who got a letter or lawsuit from a lawyer.

Pet Custody Lawyer


You walk the dog, feed the cat, go to the vet and pay some bills.  No one should deprive you of your right to possess your pet.  We look at dozens of indicators to argue about who the court should consider to be the owner, not just the original papers.

Dangerous Dog Defense


At dangerous dog hearings, boards of selectmen, select boards and even your neighbors are typically unfair, unruly and too loud to understand the facts.  We make sure you get a fair hearing and we don't leave until we are done advocating for you and your dog. 

Plaintiff Personal Injury Dog Bites


You or your dog suffered a dog bite.  At BDL we submerged ourselves in the dog world and have emerged knowing vital aspects and angles to use in your case to get you all that you deserve.

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Contact us today to find out if Boston Dog Lawyers can help you.

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