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Pet Law Attorney

A lawyer for 25 years, Jeremy Moss Cohen has been handling cases for dog, cat and horse owners since 2008. He founded Boston Dog Lawyers in 2016 with a mission to grow a law practice specializing in representing pet owners and counseling pet businesses. His first case in 2008 was to save Jesse the German Shepherd for his step-kids, and he did.   Jeremy treats your pet like he or she is his own and that passion and energy fuels the courtroom battles.  Surrendering is not an option. 

Prior to working in animal law, Attorney Cohen worked in the insurance industry. He received great training during his climb to manager of global property claims for General Electric and brings those presentation and customer oriented skills to his current practice.  He opened his own firm in 2007 and has narrowed his focus to the long neglected area of pet law.

Now, his practice solely focuses on pet related matters. His work has been the subject of numerous magazine, newspaper, radio and television stories and he always has his Golden retriever Maisey by his side or more likely, she’s front and center. Maisey loves the camera!

Why is  “Boston” in our name?   We see Boston as the original center of our country’s revolutionary attitude.  Just as Bostonians of 250 years ago brought about a change to the human condition in this country, now change has to be brought to the canine condition in this country.  We certainly did not start it but now we and our courageous clients are part of the revolution to improve the legal status of our pets.   Regardless of the odds, Bostonians don’t hesitate to argue when they think they are right. 



"If you’re looking for a high quality attorney who is also a kind and honest person, look no further than Boston Dog Lawyers. Attorney Cohen was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and committed to helping me with my case. More than that, attorney Cohen was incredibly empathetic and supportive throughout my entire time working with him. He helped me to feel empowered throughout the court process, and made me feel heard and validated. I had complete trust in him and his abilities. He helped me set realistic expectations about my case, but still explored every avenue to try and help me reach my desired outcome. I enthusiastically recommend working with Attorney Cohen and his team at Boston Dog Lawyers!" -Chelsea M.
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