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Dangerous Dog Defense

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Bronson was getting along fine with new guests in his house.  As the day unfolded, the partiers were believed to be getting more and more intoxicated and began wrestling with the dog.  Bronson ended up biting 3 visitors and one police officer.  We learned through our team of behaviorists that dogs certainly can get anxious as the temperament of people around them changes due to their use of drugs and alcohol.  Here, we were highly critical of the alleged investigation performed by the local cops and received a call from the police department.   I was warned that the Chief knew my car and license plate and was tired of reading quotes from me in the local newspaper.  I was reminded that if I ever wanted to access the highways, I had to go through this particular city.  What a great call it ended up to be for me, just confirming we fight the right fight and will not be bullied.  

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