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Pet Law Attorney

Rob Stewart has practiced law for nearly twenty years in Massachusetts, always with a focus on civil litigation. Rob’s experience is with small and medium-sized firms which each placed a premium on gaining clear understanding of each client’s specific needs and designing litigation plans geared to achieve those goals. Prior to joining Boston Dog Lawyers, Rob’s practice primarily involved plaintiff’s personal injury cases, including complex product liability and medical malpractice. Rob’s experience includes extensive and successful trial practice, motion practice, and case resolution through utilizing several alternative dispute resolution methods.


Rob joined Boston Dog Lawyers in 2018 and became Of Counsel in the winter of 2020-2021. He focuses in the area of civil litigation on behalf of pet owners, as plaintiffs and defendants for personal injury, injury to pets, and consumer protection rights. Rob is also active in the firm’s administrative law defense practice, regarding claims by municipal boards against pet owners.

Rob lives in Beverly with his fiancé and their two English Cream Retrievers, where they spend as much time as possible during all seasons in, on and near the ocean.

Rob Stewart with Dogs
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