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My Dog Bit Someone and I Don't Have Insurance: Understanding Your Options

Updated: Sep 14, 2023


If you find yourself in a situation where your dog has bitten someone and you don't have insurance to cover the resulting damages, it can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. Understanding your options and the defenses available to you is essential in such situations. Boston Dog Lawyers (BDL) specializes in investigating dog bite claims and providing defense strategies for uninsured dog owners in Massachusetts. This article will guide you through the process and offer valuable insights on how to handle dog bite claims effectively.

Dog Owners and Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts

Many Dog Owners Do Not Have Liability Insurance

In Massachusetts, a significant number of dog owners do not carry liability insurance, also known as third-party insurance, for their pets. While pet liability insurance is available in homeowners insurance packages, dog owners often choose not to opt for it due to the associated costs. Insuring a potentially dangerous breed, such as a pit bull, can drive up premiums significantly. Renters with pets are even less likely to have liability insurance that covers dog bites, as they are not required to carry insurance on their rental properties.

Even Insured Dog Owners Can Have Policies with Low Limits

Even if a dog owner has renters or homeowners insurance that covers dog bites, the policy may have low limits that might not be sufficient to cover the full extent of the damages. The average cost of an insurance claim for a dog bite in 2018 was $39,017, which can surpass the $100,000 liability coverage provided by most insurance plans. In such cases, the victims may need to hold the owner personally liable for the remaining damages that exceed the insurance coverage.

Handling Dog Bite Claims Without Insurance

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

If you don't have insurance coverage for the dog bite incident, it's advisable to seek legal representation. Boston Dog Lawyers is part of a nationwide network of attorneys experienced in handling the defense side of dog bite cases. A civil defense attorney who understands the laws and facts surrounding dog bites can provide valuable guidance and protect your interests.

Negotiating Claims and Settlements

In some cases, dog owners with insurance coverage may choose to handle a claim directly without involving their insurer. However, it's essential to consult an attorney before making any payments to the victim. An attorney can help draft a written release to ensure that you're only responsible for the relevant expenses related to the incident. They can also provide advice on negotiating settlements and protecting your rights.

Seeking Legal Assistance

If you receive a dog bite claim and don't have insurance coverage, consider reaching out to an attorney specializing in dog bite defense. While many attorneys represent bite victims, finding an attorney like BDL who can defend your interests may require more research. Never pay money to a dog bite victim without receiving something in return, typically a release of all future claims! An attorney can assist you with that document.

Providing Evidence and Documentation

When handling a dog bite claim without insurance, it's crucial to gather and preserve all relevant evidence and documentation. This includes photographs of the scene, medical records of the victim, veterinary records of your dog, witness statements, and any other relevant documentation. This evidence can be used to support your defense and potentially challenge the validity of the claim.

Building a Defense Strategy

An attorney specializing in dog bite defense will work with you to build a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific case. They will carefully analyze the circumstances of the incident, review the evidence, and identify the most effective defenses available to you. This may involve proving that the injured person was trespassing or engaged in provocation, or presenting other relevant evidence to challenge the claim.

Court Proceedings and Legal Representation

If the dog bite claim progresses to a lawsuit, having legal representation is crucial. An attorney experienced in dog bite defense will represent you in court, present your defense, cross-examine witnesses, and argue on your behalf. They will navigate the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the proceedings.

Evaluating Settlement Offers

During the course of the claim, the injured person or their legal representative may present a settlement offer. It's essential to consult with your attorney before accepting or negotiating any settlement. They can help assess the offer and advise you on the potential risks and benefits. They will work to negotiate a fair settlement that protects your interests and minimizes potential financial burdens.

Investigating Dog Bite Claims

Understanding the Factors Behind a Dog Bite

At BDL, our team of investigators, trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians, and claims adjusters meticulously examine the circumstances surrounding a dog bite incident. We delve into the numerous factors that can contribute to a dog bite, seeking to determine liability and the extent of damages involved. By thoroughly investigating these factors, we can build a strong defense tailored to your specific case.

Exploring Defenses: Trespassing and Provocation

Contrary to popular belief, there are defenses available when a dog attack occurs. In Massachusetts, common defenses used in dog bite cases are trespassing and provocation. If the injured person was on your private property without permission or if they were provoking, teasing, tormenting, or abusing the dog, you may not be held liable for their injuries. These actions often contribute to the dog reacting aggressively, providing a valid defense in such cases.

The Importance of Investigating the Incident

To effectively present a defense, we thoroughly investigate the incident. Our team examines various factors, including the history of the dog and the victim, the location, time, weather conditions, clothing worn, and the presence of leashes, fences, or other dogs. Gathering all pertinent information is crucial in determining the validity of defenses and establishing a strong case.

Preventive Measures for Dog Owners

Guidelines for Avoiding Dog Bites

While unforeseen incidents can happen, dog owners can take preventive measures to minimize the risk of dog bites. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Do not leave dogs outside unattended.

  • Use proper restraints and secure fencing to prevent escapes.

  • Install a gate inside the house to prevent dogs from rushing out when the door is opened.

  • Avoid using retractable leashes.

  • Train your dog to respond to basic commands like "sit, stay, heel, and come."

  • Take immediate photographs of the scene, your dog, the other person's dog, or any injuries.


Finding yourself in a situation where your dog has bitten someone and you don't have insurance can be challenging. In Massachusetts, options for compensation may include holding the dog owner personally liable, pursuing other potentially liable parties, and filing a lawsuit for dog bite injuries. Consulting with a dog bite lawyer is crucial to navigating the legal complexities and maximizing your chances of obtaining fair compensation.

Facing a dog bite claim without insurance can be challenging, but with the help of an experienced attorney, you can effectively defend your case. The Boston Dog Lawyers specialize in providing guidance and defense strategies for uninsured dog owners in Massachusetts. By thoroughly investigating the incident, exploring available defenses, and negotiating settlements, they can help protect your rights and minimize potential liabilities.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice.


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