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At Boston Dog Lawyers we represent responsible pet owners and pet business owners.

In Massachusetts, both can easily be charged with animal neglect and animal cruelty. Our particular law is very broad and very subjective.Being charged means you have to deal with a felony allegation here as there is no lesser (misdemeanor) charge. Not only is your liberty at stake but also your ability to work with pets and to even have them.

We defend responsible pet people and we expect the responsible enforcement of this very flawed statute. We are so pleased with the protections in place for the safekeeping of pets but they have at times been irresponsibly pursued against people who had nothing but the best intentions in the care of their pets.

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We never represent someone accused of the physical abuse or harm of an animal.


That runs counter to our mission. We will, however, represent someone who is a historically good pet owner or pet industry worker who simply made a mistake.

Perhaps you overfed your dog or under-exercised your pet. Maybe you left the car for a brief moment with them in it or even failed to get them groomed.​As with everything we work on in the pet world, we just want the authorities to get to the right decision the right way.


Potential Clients Are Encouraged to Provide Their Information Below to Receive a Callback Within 24 Hours or Call Us Directly at 844-DOG-ATTY (844-364-2889).*

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*Advisory:  Your further communication with Boston Dog Lawyers  (BDL) indicates your express acknowledgment and informed consent that you should not provide any confidential information and if you do, this will not prohibit any lawyer at BDL from representing a different or opposing party in the matter.  You should limit the information provided at the intake stages to your contact information and the general nature of your concern.  Any claim that BDL is disqualified from representing an adverse party because information considered confidential was provided by the prospective client is expressly waived.  Any communications between BDL and the prospective client do not constitute legal advice and do not create a lawyer-client relationship.  The information provided on this website does not constitute legal advice and by contacting BDL you understand that no attorney-client relationship has been created nor will one be created until we have a mutually agreed-upon and fully executed written contract for legal services.



"If you’re looking for a high quality attorney who is also a kind and honest person, look no further than Boston Dog Lawyers. Attorney Cohen was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and committed to helping me with my case. More than that, attorney Cohen was incredibly empathetic and supportive throughout my entire time working with him. He helped me to feel empowered throughout the court process, and made me feel heard and validated. I had complete trust in him and his abilities. He helped me set realistic expectations about my case, but still explored every avenue to try and help me reach my desired outcome. I enthusiastically recommend working with Attorney Cohen and his team at Boston Dog Lawyers!" -Chelsea M.


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