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Defending allegedly dangerous dogs in court


At Boston Dog Lawyers we represent responsible dog owners when their dog is accused of biting another dog or person. We have been highly successful during our first 100 cases because our strategy has been to be very reasonable and credible. BDL has a team of investigators, trainers, behaviorists, bite experts, veterinarians and lawyers who all contribute to defending dogs. Too often animal control officers or select boards make orders to muzzle, restrain, confine or euthanize that are not based on facts. We get involved early to prevent local hearings from becoming circuses. We want to make sure that whoever has the power to make decisions about our dogs, gets to the right decision the right way. The days of the loudest voices in the room being in control of the outcome, are now over.


We have learned how to build a consensus to reach a logical outcome that will protect the dog and the community where he or she lives. Whenever the local police, animal control or board seeks to take someone’s liberty or property, they can only do so through a fair hearing. Dogs are still considered property and being notified well in advance of a hearing and being able to put forth an adequate defense are fundamental rights for pet owners. Many times dog owners are told to just surrender their dogs or “do the right thing” and put the dog down! There are so many other options available for dogs and their owners before every giving up. Knowledge of the controlling state and local law is crucial at dangerous dog hearings and we often find ourselves educating the very people who are making the decisions. Now, we are also helping in writing the laws that pertain to our pets.


There are just so many reasons that dogs may bite or bark or growl. A barking, growling or lunging dog are usually trying to send a message that they are uncomfortable with the current scenario. They are also using their eyes, ears, tails, tongue and even their teeth to give multiple warning signs that if a dog or person does not give them space, a bite is pending. Victims in court tend to overstate the injuries and the harm. We use facts about the case and about dog behavior to overcome the emotional hysteria as part of our mission to get to the right decision the right way. We always make sure that the smartest person in the room, when it comes to dog behavior, is on our side. There are certainly times when an animal has to be destroyed but the facts must lead us there, not the person with the pitchfork.

Defending Your Dog In Court
Dog bite Lawyer Massachusetts
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Free initial discussion with knowledgeable staff to help you determine your rights or obligations based on the facts you present.   

Is the animal control officer trying to take your dog?

Has your dog been unfairly labeled as a nuisance or dangerous?

Have you had a dangerous dog hearing scheduled or want to appeal the dangerous label?

Never surrender your dog unless you see a warrant 

You deserve a fair hearing even if your dog has a prior bite history

Take as many notes as possible about the incident and get photographs of the area and the alleged victim 

Dogs bite for a reason and when our team determines why, we can defend your dog and keep him alive with you

We have defended dogs who are accused of being dangerous more than 100 times at dog hearings and court trials.

We can help. Contact Boston Dog Lawyers by email or by phone to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer flexible office hours to accommodate the needs of our clients, scheduling evening and weekend appointments upon request.

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