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You or your dog were bit by a dog and we know what to do


For more than 6 years pet owners have trusted us to pursue claims for injuries and death to their pets. We challenge the status quo daily and have been successful obtaining settlements for pet owners that were once unthinkable.

As we have grown, people have trusted us to bust through ceilings and knock down doors on the way to getting compensation for the emotional distress and trauma injuries they suffered because of harm caused to their pet.

Now, we combine all of our knowledge of what was, what is and what can be to make the strongest arguments for plaintiffs; the people, who are victims of a dog attack. We know the hidden away laws that have long been neglected that can double your payout. We know the defenses to be wary of that can stand in the way of compensation for a dog attack. We are diligent about not seeking harm to the dog who caused the injury, we never will seek to punish or kill a pet.

We have built a team for personal injury cases that includes investigators, medical experts and bodily injury adjusters. We analyze the facts and circumstances of each case before deciding to take it. We work with and against insurance companies because they work with and against us. There is a developing mutual respect that has built up significant good will which can translate into successes for our clients.

Boston Dog Lawyers is trusted by plaintiffs and defendants because we have credibility, we screen our cases wisely and we operate fairly. We can be nice as kittens or tenacious as bulldogs depending on how we, and our clients, are being treated.

Dog Bite Personal Injury Claims
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Free initial discussion with knowledgeable staff to help you determine your rights or obligations based on the facts you present.   

Take pictures of the location and scene of the dog attack

Get medical treatment if necessary and take photos of wounds 

Find out who owns the biting dog 

Keep a notebook of all facts and feelings

Save any evidence including torn clothes

Look for witnesses

We can help. Contact Boston Dog Lawyers by email or by phone to schedule a free initial consultation. We offer flexible office hours to accommodate the needs of our clients, scheduling evening and weekend appointments upon request.

Lawyers for the dog world because It's Time To Bark Back!

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