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Recognition Of Pets As Unique Property With A Special Purpose In Pet Custody Cases - Attorney Jeremy Cohen On NightSide News

Have you heard Boston Dog Lawyers attorney Jeremy Cohen on the NightSide News show? Jeremy recently sat down with host Dan Rea to discuss the Lyman v. Lanser case.

In the case, the pet owner represented by Boston Dog Lawyers sought enforcement of an agreement with his former partner, to equally share possession of their beloved Pomeranian dog, Teddy Bear. The client has not seen Teddy Bear in 2-years since being ghosted by his ex. Despite the absence of substantial legal precedent, Boston Dog Lawyers successfully argued that pets, though legally considered property, possess distinct personalities, and hold significant emotional value to their owners, warranting special consideration under the law. In particular, when pet custody agreements are established—however informal (even through text messages and social media) — courts can now consider enforcing them.

Teddy Bear sitting in grass
Teddy Bear - Lyman v. Lanser

"This decision is an important victory for our client other pet owners seeking to protect their rights to share and care for their pets. It is crucial that courts open their doors to hearing these disputes. We need to get away from the ‘grab and go’ mentality where people inaccurately still believe the adage that ‘possession is 9/10ths of the law,” said Jeremy M. Cohen, lead attorney at Boston Dog Lawyers. “We seek the consistent and modern legal treatment of pets and pet owners in the courts through the application of established law going back to the 1800s,” said associate Boston Dog Lawyer Robert D. Stewart.

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Boston Dog Lawyers has long been at the forefront of advocating for pet owner’s rights along with counseling pet businesses including dog trainers, groomers, boarding and daycare facilities and veterinarians.

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